Run For Your Life

by Jason Guy Smiley



I wanted to record something a little more like my live acoustic sets. So I got a couple songs together and recorded them with Roger Lima from Less Than Jake at his studio The Moathouse here in Gainesville, FL. This was was completed in an 8 hour session in December of 2014.


released January 20, 2015

Written and performed by Jason Guy Smiley
Produced by Roger Lima at The Moathouse
Artwork by Tim O'Hanlon



all rights reserved


Jason Guy Smiley Gainesville, Florida

After 12 years in punk band Midget Fan Club, Jason Guy Smiley has struck out on his own. Jason is now covering his favorite punk rock songs and writing new original material.

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Track Name: Run For Your Life
I had a dream that you and me
Were on the run from the police
And I don't even know
And then you jumped into my car
Said "I know somewhere, it's not too far.
Come on let's go."

And then you took me to a show
I grabbed my guitar cause I was ready to go
But I woke up before I could play
And it reminded me of when I'd leave
And you would always say to me
"Oh, won't you stay."

Last time I saw you was a Monday night
I think you were getting into some kinda fight
But you know I had to run
And we had had such a good time
You sat in the seat right next to mine
Hanging out, playing games and getting drunk

You stayed there till the end of my show
I grabbed my guitar, it was time to go
But I told you I'd be back soon
And just like so many nights of my life
Where I have to tell someone goodbye
I walked out under a half-lit moon

And now I'm off to another show
I grab my guitar, I'm always ready to go
Be it a stage or a living room
Up next I'm westward bound
Don't worry I'll work my way around
And I'll be back to see you
Track Name: Who I Am
Putting pressure on myself
Was never anything but bad for my health
When I can learn to sit back and relax
That's when I find myself swimming in the gap
Between the notes and words that I sing
Music pours from the silence with me

Cause I know who I am
And that makes this that much harder
For anyone to understand
Cause I know who I am

And I've had to accept some truths
Some hard facts about my misspent youth
Try as I might I don't think I can
Even pretend to act like the age I am
You tried to give me love and build a home
But you can't give away what you do not own

And I know who I am
And that makes this impossible
For anyone to understand
Cause I know, I know, yeah, I know
Who I am