The Amateur Engine

by Jason Guy Smiley

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Hogan Smith was my friend. His passing brought those of us left behind together in ways that we saw coming and some that were unexpected, but all of us have viewed life with a new sense of determination. I am so proud of all of his friends for not only making it through the last year, but for doing it with grace and poise and with so much kindness. It is what he would have wanted, there is no question. This song is for him, but in a very real way it is for all of us who felt the impact of his life.

In my mind, you'll always be there.

I love you and I miss you, Hogan. Thank you for existing.


released February 17, 2017

All songs by Jason Guy Smiley.

Amateur Engines:
Hogan Smith, Joe Costa, Patrick Henderson, Nick Voeks

Cover photo by James Meadows.

Special Thanks to Tom May and Austin Corley.



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Jason Guy Smiley Gainesville, Florida

After 12 years in punk band Midget Fan Club, Jason Guy Smiley has struck out on his own. Jason is now covering his favorite punk rock songs and writing new original material.

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Track Name: The Amateur Engine (Demo)
You always wore a smile
Like the world was golden
And you lifted up all of your friends
Just as high as you could hold em

And it's hard to not get pissed
When I think of all the cheeks that'll go unkissed

Sunday brunches at the bar
And sunglasses in the dark
All those nights in the parking lot
With a bottle of whiskey going shot for shot

I've racked my brain and worn out my mind
Trying to find a reason why
You had to go
But the fact is you lived too loud and too fast
To die this quiet and slow

You were an amateur engine
You were an amateur engine
You were an amateur engine
Who turned the rest of us pro

And in my mind you'll always be there
Both of our arms thrown in the air
While Tom and Greg sing those songs
The soundtrack of our nights
And in my mind you'll always be
Up there on stage singing with me
Having the time, having the time
Having the time of our lives

And in my mind you'll always be there..
Track Name: Standing In Your Ashes (F/ Amateur Engines)
Said you were too burned up
To love and you smiled
Cause you knew that I'd be
Standing in your ashes for awhile
And I got some bad news
Everything I said is true
I know you're off it now, but girl
I'll never be through

And now you're running
It's plain to see
I never thought that when you ran
It would be away from me

And I'm not much different
Than drugs or booze
I'm something you don't really need
But you sometimes abuse
You loved me in the winter
But now it's spring
And everyday I fight this feeling
Of not meaning anything

And now you're running
I can relate to that
I never thought the day would come that you would
Run and not look back

If the price of admission
For keeping you around
Is to quiet down my heart
I'll learn not to make a sound
Just never listen to me sing
Never listen to my songs
The next time I say I love you
The whole room will sing along

And we'll sing..